De Baecque Fauré Bellec represents both private and corporate clients in civil or commercial lawsuits with a high degree of legal complexity or strategic value, relating to all aspects of business.


Company law litigation

The Firm acts on a very regular basis in relation to shareholder disputes, litigation arising from M&A transactions (breakdown of negotiations, enforcement of warranties relating to liabilities, performance of shareholders’ agreements) or liability cases involving company executives.

The high skill of the Firm’s attorneys in relation to civil and commercial procedure, criminal procedure, and also procedures that are very specific to company law, ensures that clients are provided with the most appropriate, customized strategy, to ensure the successful defense of their cases.


Trade and competition law litigation

De Baecque Fauré Bellec acts for clients in disputes linked to trade and competition law, notably in cases of unfair competition or termination of established business relationships. The Firm also acts on a regular basis in disputes linked to commercial lease agreements.

Litigation linked to insolvency proceedings

The Firm has in-depth experience of litigation arising in the context of insolvency proceedings, notably in the conduct and defense of liability cases involving executives of companies facing insolvency proceedings or actions for liability against court-appointed receivers or administrators.


National and cross-border enforcement procedures

De Baecque Fauré Bellec is familiar with complex enforcement procedures against debtors who have arranged their insolvency.

The Firm also represents its clients in the context of exequatur procedures in France.

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