De Baecque Fauré Bellec advises and represents private and corporate clients in all areas related to white collar crime.

Financial crime

The Firm acts in transactional and litigation matters with respect to all criminal law issues linked to the management of companies and to company executives (misappropriation of corporate assets, false accounts, insider trading, money laundering, etc.).


The high expertise of the Firm’s attorneys in relation to company law and their deep knowledge of accounting and financial matters allow them to have a holistic approach to cases in this field.


The Firm also advises clients on the creation and implementation of their compliance policies, in particular regarding the anti-corruption obligations imposed by the “Sapin II” Act.

Tax fraud

De Baecque Fauré Bellec also advises clients on criminal tax law matters (tax fraud, laundering in relation to tax evasion, and related offenses).

Criminal law relating to the art world

Finally, given its in-depth expertise in art law, the Firm acts on a very regular basis on criminal law files related to art: theft and resale of stolen works of art, laundering, counterfeiting.


These files are handled by teams made up of both attorneys specialized in art law and attorneys specialized in white collar crime and their complementary skill sets allow the Firm to provide its clients with tailor-made legal advice.

Criminal law relating to employment

De Baecque Fauré Bellec advises and represents clients in all criminal lawsuits linked to employment law, and, in particular, to compliance with workplace health and safety rules (endangerment of life of others, involuntary manslaughter or injury, involuntary destruction of property).

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