de Baecque Law Firm is one of the rare French law firms that regularly practices art law. The firm has extensive knowledge of the French art markets. The firm offers practical and concrete legal advice to art galleries, antique dealers, experts, auction companies, artists, individuals and institutions such as insurers, banks, and investors.

Modern Art: the firm counsels art galleries and artists in the drafting and negotiation of commissioning agreements, assignment agreements, artistic co-production contracts, and publishing agreements;

Secondary market of modern art and antiques: assisting professionals, institutions and individuals in the drafting of general sales terms and conditions, assuring compliance with applicable regulations, including exportation, importation and the rules governing protected cultural assets.

The firm represents its clients in disputes arising out of private and public auctions (nullity of sale, liability of auctioneers, experts, etc.).

Due to its expertise in copyright and new technologies, de Baecque Law Firm is able to offer comprehensive advice to its clients, encompassing the legal and regulatory aspects governing on-line brokerage and auctions, and the specific applications of copyright to art (“droit de suite”, performance and exhibition rights, and specific regulations applicable to reproductions of photography, engraving, and sculpture).