One trademark, one use, several classes of products?


One trademark, one use, several classes of products? The Nice Classification is used to organize the filing of a trademark for various goods and services. As a matter of principle, a single product is assigned to a single class. As an exception, only some products can belong to several classes. All the subtlety and complexity of trademark law in a recent decision of the European Union Court, relating to MONSTER energy drinks. The principle of the unique imputation of a trademark The MONSTER trademark has been registered for many years to protect, among other things, “coffee-based drinks” in class 30 […]

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Protection of “Gruyère” PDO and PGI by trademark law in the United States


Protection of PDO Gruyère and PGI by trademark law in the United States The protection of protected designation of origine (PDO is often a source of complexity at the international level. The example of Gruyère cheese illustrates these difficulties perfectly. The French (defending the PGI Gruyère) and Swiss (defending the PDO Gruyère) unions are confronted with American protectionism. The intertwining of trademark law and the protection of PDOs and PGIs is once again highlighted. The protection of gruyere in the U.S. In 2015, the French and Swiss unions decided to register the Gruyere brand in the United States. Trademark law was […]

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Ranking of the best law firms in France


The Leaders League / Décideurs rating agency establishes the ranking of the best experts in 50 countries. For 20 years, this site has distinguished the best intellectual property law firms in France. In 2021, De Baecque Bellec is one of the best law firms in art law and trademark law. Olivier de Baecque is distinguished by the excellence of his practice in art law. Successions of artists, sales of works of art, negotiations with art galleries, complex and international litigation make up the daily life of DE BAECQUE BELLEC. Olivier de Baecque and Stéphane Bellec, are also highly recommended for […]

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