France relaxes ‘three-strike’ piracy scheme


The French government has removed the authorities’ power to cut off Internet access to file-sharers suspected of repeatedly infringing copyright. A decree published on Tuesday shows that file-shares can still face fines of up to €1,500 after receiving three warnings about their behaviour on peer-to-peer networks. France’s graduated response system is led by government agency Hadopi, which can issue Internet users with ‘three strikes’ before a court can suspend their Internet access for one month as well as fine them. The removal of the courts’ power to cut Internet connections comes two months after a report, published by French businessman Pierre Lescure, […]

Communications law


de Baecque Law Firm counsels radio and audiovisual broadcasters with respect to the CSA regulations (i.e. the public authority controlling broadcasting rights). Advertising regulations, production and broadcast quotas, prohibition measures, protection of minors, “must carry”, etc. de Baecque Law Firm also counsels international radio, audiovisual broadcasters and network operators in the development of their broadcasting strategy with respect to French and community regulations. Choice of the broadcaster’s territory, choice of the mode of broadcasting (linear / nonlinear), agreements with the CSA.

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